é man & woman
Sense, Pleausure and Art
Man & Woman

A new concept

Located on the second floor of El Corte Inglés on Calle Serrano, Madrid, it offers a different alternative to its clients, a model whose main objective is the understanding and design of each client´s personal style regardless of the current trends.
Man & Woman

Exquisite and originality

The living room has state-of-the-art equipment, lava heads in recliners and built-in massage. All this in an original space converted in turn into a small art gallery where different works are exhibited of painting and sculpture.
Man & Woman

Sense, Art and Pleasure

É Man & Woman is an incomparable experience: a cozy atmosphere where the client can relax having a coffee in the waiting room and where he will receive as a gift a small collectible engraving made by the artists Rocío Guerrero and Javier de Benito.
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